My name is Kendall! Born and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida, I grew up wearing bikinis and never brushing my hair. Now I’ve been thrust into the South’s most up and coming cosmopolitan mecca (Greenville), and I’m loving every minute of it.

I am a communications major at Furman University and an aspiring entertainment broadcast journalist (look out E!). I am a certified yoga instructor who loves to bake cupcakes and always has a camera. I’m a self proclaimed foodie and a semi-professional online shopper. Besides all of that good stuff, I am also the social media marketing representative for Artisphere, a non-profit art festival that takes place in Downtown Greenville every summer.

Lets Be Friends

I don’t know who, but it was probably someone very prophetic who once said, “you’re not real friends until you’re social media friends,” so follow me!

twitter: @kbrookhawt

instagram: @kbrookhawt

website: kendallhawthorne

I hope that you enjoy the blog and are inspired to live passionately!


Kendall Hawthorneabout me


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